While I frequently work on a variety of manuscripts, blog posts, and documents on differing topics, my specialty is Christian nonfiction books.


Message me for a quote on any of the levels of editing described below.​

Developmental Edit

The developmental edit is a big-picture evaluation that notes strengths and weaknesses in your content and writing style. I'll help you reorganize your content (even entire chapters) to ensure your message is effective and most likely to get picked up by an agent. I'll also flag quotations that need a source or require permission.


Line Edit

The line edit is just what it sounds like—a line-by-line edit of the manuscript. I'll help reorganize paragraphs and restructure sentences to avoid repetition while ensuring your syntax and word choice is effective and useful. I'll help you introduce quotes effectively and help you keep your message flowing naturally. I'll fact-check quotations, statistics, and other content as needed.


The copyedit will ensure your manuscript uses proper grammar, correct spelling, and consistent verb tense, and adheres to the appropriate style guide used by publishers (for nonfiction books, The Chicago Manual of Style). I'll also fact-check your quotations, citations, and other content as needed.



The proofread is the final look for hard errors, typos, and other inconsistencies. I'll also check to ensure it adheres to the appropriate style guide (for nonfiction books, The Chicago Manual of Style). Often, the proofread occurs after the manuscript has been typeset, so I'll also check for any problems with the layout and typography.



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